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How It Works: 4 Easy Steps

1. REGISTER: Create an account. The registration form includes fields where you must provide information about your organization, including contact details and your non-profit or charity registration number. As well, you can add your logo, a link to your website and other information about your organization, such as its mission. After your account is activated, you will receive an email message from Impact Hours to indicate you can now log in and begin posting volunteer opportunities. Your organization’s account includes a dashboard to manage volunteer listings and other activities.

2. SEEK: Start posting volunteer opportunities measured in hours and requiring skills and experience. (Check out ‘What Do You Need Help With?‘ page for ideas!) Using this template, provide key information to prospective volunteers:

A. Select the Community Category which best aligns with your non-profit’s mission:

  • Accessible community: Taking action to break down barriers to inclusion (physical, language, social, attitudinal)
  • Creative community: Promoting community-based arts
  • Enterprising community: Increasing entrepreneurship and providing individuals with skills and tools they need
  • Green community: Taking action on environmental sustainability
  • Healthy community: Promoting physical, mental and social well-being within the community
  • Interconnected community: Promoting participation, interaction and connection in the community

B. Select the subject area from the list that best captures the skills and experience you are are seeking.

C. Describe the volunteer opportunity:

  • brief description of what you need and any deliverables
  • targeted skills and experience
  • estimated # of hours
  • any requirements (e.g., background checks)
  • relevant dates
  • location, and if it could be done remotely

D. Add the volunteer opportunity’s expiration date (year/month/day) at bottom of page. Otherwise, the default expiration date is 6 months.

3. CONNECT: Individuals will express their interest in your opportunity through the Impact Hours website. An automated email will be sent to you with their contact details, for your follow-up. It is your responsibility to determine whether a person would be a good fit for the opportunity, including any necessary background checks or other follow-up required.

4. FIND: When you find the person you need and the volunteer opportunity has been filled, please update the status of the volunteer opportunity to remove it from Impact Hours’ list of current opportunities. Management of volunteer listings (e.g., to edit and extend the expiration date, to mark as filled, or to delete) can be done from your organization’s dashboard.

Consult the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for more information (e.g., if you forget your organization’s password).

Impact Hours would appreciate feedback to improve the site, as well as testimonials of connections made through Impact Hours that had an impact for your organization. Please send to [email protected]


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“JA Ottawa volunteers build financial and entrepreneurial skills in youth. Volunteers are at the heart of all our programs. Impact Hours helps us tap into the talent and wisdom of older adults that wish to invest their life-experience in the next generation.”

Albert Wong

Director of Junior Achievement Ottawa, Ottawa Network for Education