Impact Hours


Impact Hours is a free service launched in 2018 to connect individuals aged 55+ with Ottawa non-profit organizations and charities for volunteer opportunities that can accommodate a range of interests and availability.

CHRISTINE FRANKLIN, a federal public servant and active volunteer in the community, created Impact Hours as her ‘passion project’ after being inspired by the former Governor General David Johnston in his efforts to promote volunteerism to build a stronger, more caring Canada. While the site is directed to adults 55+, Christine has been pleased to learn that younger adults have also been using the site, seeking to volunteer to make a difference in the lives of seniors. This has highlighted the value of fostering intergenerational connections, another issue she is passionate about as co-founder of iGenOttawa.

Spotlighted by the Council on Aging as an innovative age-friendly initiative, Impact Hours creates an online platform:

  • to provide adults 55+ with easy access to an inventory of volunteer opportunities that are measured in hours;
  • to promote non-profits in need of volunteers with skills and interests; and
  • to facilitate connections that will enable the community to benefit from the valuable skills and experience of 55+ adults that might otherwise remain untapped.


55+ adults: contribute in ways that are meaningful and valued, leading to increased community engagement and volunteer participation.

Non-profits: access skilled volunteer resources which enable them to enhance capacity, make better decisions, and more effectively deliver their missions.

Community: becomes more age-friendly, fostering 55+ participation and contribution for positive community outcomes.


Impact Hours would not be where it is today without the many pro bono hours offered by Frederic Sune from the web agency WP Expert. As well, a special thank you to early supporters, including: Council on Aging; Impact Hub Ottawa; Ottawa Tool Library; and Junior Achievement Ottawa.

Should you seek further information, please contact Impact Hours at [email protected] We would also appreciate receiving feedback to improve the website, as well as testimonials on how connections made through Impact Hours had an impact.

“Since working with Impact Hours for the past 7 months the majority of my volunteer interests come from individuals who have accessed their website. I receive daily messages from keen young and older adults looking to give back to the community or gain work experience. Impact Hours allows potential volunteers to access available opportunities with ease and allows me as the volunteer coordinator the ability to follow up with these individuals easily. I have recruited several volunteers who have connected with our organization starting with the use of Impact Hours.”

Sandra Morrison

Coordinator of Volunteer Services, South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre