Our Community Agreement

  • Impact Hours is only to be used for volunteer activity;
  • Only registered non-profits and charities shall create an account with Impact Hours and post volunteer opportunities;
  • A volunteer application is an expression of interest in the opportunity and does not imply commitment;
  • Non-profits and charities should acknowledge all volunteer applications;
  • Non-profits and charities are responsible for any necessary background checks and other follow-up to determine if the individual would be a good fit for the volunteer opportunity;
  • Volunteers should be clear and realistic about what they can offer, and feel free to ask questions;
  • Non-profits and charities should update the status of volunteer opportunities and other pertinent information on the website via their dashboards.
  • Impact Hours would appreciate receiving feedback on how to improve the website as well as testimonials on how connections made through Impact Hours had an impact. Please send to [email protected]