Community Needs

Small actions can have an impact in creating a stronger, more vibrant, caring community. Where do you want to have an impact?

  • ACCESSIBLE COMMUNITY: Help non-profits working to break down barriers to inclusion (physical, language, social, attitudinal)
  • CREATIVE COMMUNITY: Help non-profits working to promote community-based arts
  • ENTERPRISING COMMUNITY: Help non-profits working to increase entrepreneurship and to provide individuals with the skills and tools they need
  • GREEN COMMUNITY: Help non-profits taking action on environmental sustainability
  • HEALTHY COMMUNITY: Help non-profits working to promote physical, mental and social well-being within the community
  • INTERCONNECTED COMMUNITY: Help non-profits promoting participation, interaction, and connection in the community

Non-profits are in need of a range of skill-sets and experience to fill gaps so they are better positioned to achieve their social missions. ‘One-off’ volunteer opportunities measured in hours can range from ‘extra hands’ to help deliver on an organization’s core mission to providing guidance on a specific issue, in such areas as operations, technology, HR, planning, online platforms, fundraising, marketing and communications.

The community needs you!