Vibroacoustic Therapy for People with Dementia

at The Glebe Centre (view profile)
Location 77 Monk Street
Date Posted Jul 2
Category Healthy Community
Opportunity Type Volunteer
Subject Area Health and wellbeing
Estimated time (hours) 3 hours per week
Targeted Skills Patience, ability to role play and redirect, ability to work independently once training has been completed


Vibroacoustic Therapy is based on the premise that external vibrations applied to the body are able to impact the physiological and psychological function of the body.  Vibroacoustic Therapy can alleviate stress and invoke relaxation. During the program the client will rest on a chair that has embedded speakers or transducers.  The transducers emit sound waves that have allow frequency and sinusoidal pattern.  The use of the chair may be able to support cognition in people with Alzheimer's disease by decreasing agitation and frustration, helping residents to speak with coherent verbalizations and increase alertness.

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