Front of House Manager

at Rideau Chorale (view profile)
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Date Posted Sep 23
Category Creative Community
Opportunity Type Volunteer
Subject Area Arts, crafts, music and photography
Estimated time (hours) 15-20 hours
Targeted Skills • Good organizational and coordinating skills. • Good leadership skills; ability to oversee a group of volunteers. • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment. • Ability to work under pressure.


Front of House Manager


Critical to ensuring the overall placement and supervision of box office volunteers and ushers, and attending to many last minute concert-related details.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organizes box office supplies including cash boxes, reconciliation sheets, floats (usually provided by Rideau Chorale), clickers, pens, Square readers, etc.
  • Normally books and assigns green rooms, and ensures that a stage volunteer is working with the choir, artists, etc. This of course depends on the concert and number of performers.
  • Meets with box office volunteers by phone and/or in person prior to concert date.
  • Ensures all box office volunteers and ushers are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Is on site two hours prior to concert time to ensure everything is in place, organized and set up.
  • Meets with volunteers an hour before concert begins to review positions, requirements, special notes for the night (often this includes getting choir in and out; timing of everything; ensuring house opens on time to minimize complaints, etc).
  • Assigns all volunteers to their stations.
  • Ensures all areas (entrances / exits / sanctuary) have coverage.
  • Ensures choir/orchestra are out of concert space at least 45 minutes prior to concert start time.
  • Coordinates timing of show start, intermission etc. Ensures choir, orchestra, etc, abide by timing.
  • Assesses time to open doors (although advertised time is 30 minutes pre-concert – often this is delayed because of choir and orchestra). If delayed beyond 30 minutes, may have to deal with customer issues.
  • Deals with customer issues and complaints.
  • Is responsible for a multitude of last minute issues that arise to keep the show running smoothly – these things vary from artist/choir/facility/patron/volunteer issues and are hard to predict.
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